"[Gaga Stigmata has] very modern, edgy photography to free flowing, urban narratives without censure to analytical essays, et cetera—like Gaga, imagination without ... limits. And the beauty is that anyone can submit work to the site, so artists and writers from all over the [world] have joined this experiment." -The Declaration.org

"Since March 2010, [Gaga Stigmata] has churned out the most intense ongoing critical conversation on [Lady Gaga]."
-Yale's The American Scholar


Want to write for Gaga Stigmata?

1.     Send us an email application that includes:
a.     your Author Bio (including previous publications),
b.     samples of your work that showcase the style of writing you would like to do for Gaga Stigmata, and
c.     your ideas about Lady Gaga (one or two paragraphs)

Gaga Stigmata’s editors will seriously review each emailed application, and will send you a response within two weeks.


2.     Submit your essay to Gaga Stigmata.

We are currently seeking extraordinary essays about Lady Gaga, and essays about any current pop-cultural phenomenon that disturbs boundaries and shifts culture in new and visionary ways. All submissions should be highly polished, well written, thoroughly cited, and original examinations. We also strongly encourage analytical pieces that take a performative or creative approach to scholarship.

All submissions will be closely reviewed, and you should receive a response within two weeks after submission (if not much sooner!). Before accepting, we may ask for revisions of your article. Please send all submissions in word (.doc) format. Include a short personal bio in your email.

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