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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bled Threads: Protest

What is your name? Rabbid Jack Pop

Where are you from? Sacramento, California

What was your inspiration for your costume? My inspiration comes from Gaga's live performances and music videos. I do not copy her outfits, but [rather] try to create a multi-media abstract collage on my body.

Please describe your costume in detail: This outfit was inspired by the dark outfits Gaga wears, [as well as] birds. It was also inspired by the Alejandro video and my love for gay men. I was upset about the protesters at the Monster Balls I had been to previously, so I put together a Disco Stick and started my own protest to protest the protesters [at the San Jose Monster Ball]. 

What was your experience like wearing the costume? Madness. Now I know what it is like to be mobbed by paparazzi.

If you were to name your costume, what would you call it? Protest; The Melting Bra; From the "Haus of Champagne"


  1. Loves it. What does "Jesus saves from Hell" even mean? It's poor syntax. I just imagine Jesus sitting on a rock in Hell, saving people/things/whatever. Like, why is he saving from hell? Shouldn't he be saving from Heaven?


  2. The following day I had my own signs. "God Loves Gaga" and "God Loves Little Monsters." I sang "Jesus Loves the Little Monsters." You are so right Megan. The protesters were also very hard to talk to. All they could say was that I was going to hell because I choose to dress they way I did and because I listened to Lady Gaga's music. I told them while I did admire their commitment, they should spread loving words because that is the way Jesus would want his name used, as well as teach on how to be a better person. Then I blessed them with my disco stick.

  3. "Then I blessed them with my disco stick."



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