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Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Happy (I Could Like it Rough)

by Michael Flory Ogletree

Collage by Mark Schaer

—Cherry cherry boom boom

My religion like glitter mixed with rock and roll
My Christmas tree in your ashtray
My telephone is a monster
Our hair is perfect
We are the crowd
We live a cute life
I lose myself inside your mouth
Show me your teeth
With your half wired broken jaw
a hard pair we will be
your last fix and your last hit is delicious
this photo of us can't catch shit if it drops
I left it, I put it back
Don't think too much
just smoke my cigarette
Cadillacs and liquor bottles take me home
I can’t see my knees
I’ve never seen my knees
find your Jesus
like those girls in the movies
and we're in heaven,
let’s get lost in my bed
take a bite of me
like chewing on pearls
show me your fangs
in the silence of the night
I touch myself
I touch your best friend
We might’ve fucked not really sure,

Sometimes I felt so def in the jam
The Shadow is burnt,
cigarette stained lies get weak
my summer boyfriend’s not straight anymore
The world is gonna shut my playboy mouth
the world is gonna bend

Underneath my Christmas tree
300 mirrors are burning
the floor is shaking
Half psychotic,
Pornographic dance fight
I'm the twelve on your table
Put the breakdown first
you in my rear window
Your vertigo stick in her pocket
Put your hands on my waist,
she's got both hands,
Check this hand
bleed it from across the block

All your love is revenge
I’m a free bitch
there's nothing else I can say

Artist Statement: For this poem, I gave myself the task of using something from each song on the two albums as well as the Christmas single, maintaining at least a half-stichic integrity to the original. My interest in Gaga, apart from the killer hooks and beats, has to do with our overlapping fixation on the gruesome and how that is recast in terms of pleasure or delight, though still manifesting in an unsettledness if not outright uncomfortability in the reader/listener. It is within the tension of these forces that I find myself most intrigued.

Author Bio: Michael Flory Ogletree is an MFA candidate at the University of Oregon. His poems appear or are forthcoming in American Poetry Journal, Court Green, DIAGRAM, H_NGM_N, New CollAge, Pebble Lake Review, and others. He is terrified of horses.


  1. This is brilliant, I loved every second of it :-D

  2. I agree with Sparrow. A brilliant piece of work, good for many readings.


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