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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Like Madonna

By Connie A. Lopez-Hood

          for Lady Gaga

She wears horns
She is hatched

She is (not) like Madonna
She is (not) like Beyonce
She is (not) like Christina
She is not like Brittany

She was hanging from a cross
She was dripping lots of blood
She was dripping, draping meat

She is Dada
She is daddy
She is (not) mommy
She is Gaga
She is gagging
She is super(ficial)

She is assemblage
She is (dis)assembled
She is abject
She is eject
She is reject(ed)

She is gendered
She engenders
She is androgyne
She is a(borted) fetus
She is probably chromosome

She is covered with costume
She is covered with custom
She is covered in carnal
She is (not) herself

She wore horns
She was hatched

She hangs (from) a cross
She is (not) like Madonna
She drips blood
She drapes meat
She is (not) (her)(self)

Author Bio:
Connie A. Lopez-Hood is currently working on her MFA in Poetry at Cal State University San Bernardino. She serves as a Poetry editor for Ghost Town literary magazine. Her work appeared in Our Stories Literary Journal as a runner-up for the Gordon Flash Fiction Contest and is forthcoming in Polari Journal's April issue. She is currently working on a chapbook collaboration entitled Operation: Lifted Flowers, with two other Inland Empire poets.


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