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Friday, October 15, 2010

mad props: lady gaga invitation number five

Artist Bio: Caspian Carter (b. 1982) is an artist, writer and educator living in Los Angeles.  He recently received an MFA in Writing and Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts. His work engages with notions of ethical subjectivity within a world of collapsed metaphor, linguistic slippage, and self-exploitation.  His blog is www.hystericallyreal.com.


  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bradcstrong/5088214832/

    A funny response to Jon's invitation.

  2. i think he just wants lady gaga to piss on him.

  3. I think he REALLY wants Lady Gaga to piss on him.

  4. Jon,

    The proposition is public in a way that makes it nearly impossible to accept.

    Two things come to mind: One is corny movies where people profess their love at minor league baseball games or similar, and the other person screams "Yes! I will!" and runs down through the stands to embrace... The other is seeing a fan at a concert, on the mic in front of God and everyone, apologizing to Shania Twain for groping her inner thigh at a previous appearance. The differences are: the degree of "reality," for lack of a better word; and the degree of previous intimacy. At times, show business, especially "a la Gaga," seems sufficiently surreal for the consummation of your proposition, and yet... this isn't a film. The characters involved risk real consequences...

    Not that the goal is actually for her to piss on your arm. But the publicness of the proposal is essential to the dynamic of the project: public display as a wedge that blocks its own success.

    The question mark--it's a plea, more than a proposition. Again, perhaps less attractive (though, who knows... what is attractive...) because of its publicness. Seems like there is something essential to a sexual power-relationship-act in its privateness. "Being watched" is pleasure of a different nature... Yes, the blase ad/porn style of the photos and the self-assured typeface etc--the super intimate proposition, shielded with the language of that which is chicly bored with its own transgressions... suggest that this is all okay, that it's normal, some fulfillment of theoretical prophecy--but, let's face it, it's pretty intimate, the kind of thing best uttered in private, at key moments... not meekly/cheekily requested on a blog. Thus: in its publicness, the proposition contains the assurance of its own refusal. But it also contains the cloying vulnerability of theory; something that holds theoretically, that makes sense as a Lacanian thought experiment, does not follow so easily within actual social relations. This may be the beauty of it.


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