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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take a Bow

by Burnt Filament

"It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond. Or, the lie, I should say, for which we kill."

—Lady Gaga, The Manifesto of Little Monsters

In browser windows,
you hoof past airport
security :
               In our minds,
gloved hands
probe your ass

as you don shades
& blooded lips :

princess who picks
scabs like sequins

from our eyes glazed
like hams, we marinate

in your whiskey
breath that pervades

FM waves,
MP3 compress
-ion, smoke-ring
-éd vinyl rotation :

You, Y-Generation-
distraction, glitterati-
reflection :
                 eyelashéd, gauze-
wiggéd, impressionistic-pop-
pianist with Dada gravitas—

You, Gaga, are the hologram
as much as the shadow.

Because your tits
are as sweet as rock
candy, as loaded as guns,
we hold our tongues
to the barrel.

No matter what you feed us,
we will pray for a cock

duct-taped back
behind latex

as we bend
over united.

Author Bio:

Burnt Filament blogs at burntfilament.tumblr.com.


  1. Ok, now THIS is really creepy. There's not much that gives me shudders and wiggins but this piece does. Which means, it did it's job well and truly. Thanks for the nightmares I'm going to have over this.

  2. The jolted image of picking scabs to picking sequins says a lot, I think, about the aura of our zeitgeist.

  3. I had to stop watching after the second image appeared.

    I did like the poem below, though.

  4. Once I got over the whole 'lame factor' (which seemed something quite deliberate to veil the message or avoid negative commentary which cuts to the heart of the piece rather than the surface) I saw many levels of cynacism as the era of Gaga- 2nd round Dada evolves... I don't know if any of you got this but I felt Alejandro Jodorowsky in this too... Im not sure if he is an inspiration perse, regardless his spirit seemed here...

  5. Veronique,

    Yes, I definitely "got" the critical element of the video. It's the first piece we've run at Stigmata that seemed directly critical of what we're doing here, and I don't necessarily agree with the artists' statement about it being humorous (though perhaps it just started that way, as he said).

    As far as critiques go, however, it's the most interesting/thoughtful one we've received thus far, which is part of why I ran it. That and the fact that it's artistically quite stunning.

    I am a huge Jodorowsky fan, and can see some slight resemblance now that you mention it.

    Kate Durbin

  6. Pardon my apostrophe typo above!


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