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Saturday, May 28, 2011


by Saul Zanolari

Artist Statement:  Saul Zanolari presents his brand new portrait "Echography of Change" before the 2011 scheduled shows in NYC and Rome.

The subjects of this work are Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews. The artist plays on the oxymoron between tradition and transgression as represented by these two icons. This portrait has a Disney background but on the lower side the reading key becomes surgical and medical with an echography of a new Gaga "creature."

The original artwork is 79'x70' (200x180 cm), digital painting and acrylic on canvas.

Soon available a 100 limited edition print on paper 20'x18' (50x45 cm) on www.wollipeye.com.

Artist Bio: visit www.saulzanolari.com or www.wollipeye.com for more details.

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  1. I love this piece. It challenges not only our notions of tradition, but also those of purity. Julie Andrews, the visage of the prim and pristine, even nun-like Ms. Poppins (or some other similar-looking character), in her conservative fleece jacket and shirt at first glance appears a complete contrast to rainbow-headed Gaga. In fact, Gaga shares a similarly "traditional" sweater-jacket, what-have-you, to that of Andrews. Gaga's actually covers more of her neck, and, in effect, is what we might consider more "conservative." In addition, Gaga takes up a larger portion of the frame, and is lit more brightly than Andrews. Gaga's baby-pink sweater emphasizes the brightness factor. And finally, with Gaga's (ironically) black halo further framing her face, she is made out to be the more divine-looking of the two. A sense of purity radiates from Gaga's side, whereas Andrews's maintains the feeling of something just barely veiled. We might also consider how Andrews faces away from the viewer, while Gaga looks straight-on…and we haven't even begun to consider the echograph! Or the flies! Or the nearly identical lips! Phew! Sorry I just kind of plopped all this here, but I just wanted to get a conversation going!


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