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Friday, May 13, 2011

Judas Gaga: Five Scenes from a Motorcycle Fellini PopArt Fantasy Film

By Andrea Quinlan

The following piece is the seventh in our series on “Judas.” For the first piece, click here; the second, here; the third, here; the fourth, here; the fifth, here, the sixth, here.

1. Entrance of the Motorcycle gang

white letters on the back of a black leather jacket
a crown of gold glittered up thorns
blue cape aviator heart shaped gaze
Together we'll ride into the sunset

2. In the Electric Chapel

We don’t yet have a bride
But a lady with crosses on her velvet bra/heart
And her red plastic heart on blue leather
As she sings and dances
Judas looks at her like a meat dress
Before bumping, grinding and fighting
Jesus looks on with a glassy stare

3. Lipstick Betrayal 

Three times and still you betray me
Now it is my turn
With my gold gunshot lipstick kiss
I make my mark
I smear it across your cheek
The one I love the one I betray
It is written JUDASJUDAAA

4. Water Baby

A Golden Madonna standing on the shore
As the waves crash on the shoulders of her GucciChanel
In a Felliniesque dress drenched by the water 
This fountain gives life as it takes it away

5. Our Lady’s Second Video Death

The first time he threw her off a balcony
Now she is dressed for a white wedding away from the flashlights
In a time of stones and fire
A sacrifice
A collapse in makeup
A jewel and a tear

Author Bio:
Andrea Quinlan has an MA in Art History. Her work has been published in Defect Perfection Literary Review, Delirious Hem, and Gaga Stigmata.

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