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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bled Threads: Dustin Anderson

GS: How long have you been making your own clothes?

DA: I started designing my own stuff in high school.

GS: How many outfits have you made for yourself/others?

DA: Have made thousands of outfits. Mostly for myself. I find others don’t understand my clothing, but when I wear it they all love it.

GS: What is it you hope they’ll understand?

DA: I just hope they will understand to enjoy the art.

GS: What percentage of the time do you wear the outfits you design?

DA: Almost 90% of the time I’m wearing something that most people would consider abnormal. Even now while just relaxing at home, I am wearing pants I made and dyed and a Semi Precious Weapons t-shirt. I also cut and dye my hair so I guess in a way I’m always in my designs.

GS: Who or what are your biggest inspirations/influences?

DA: Living in the fashion district is a HUGE influence on me. I can just walk around the block and get everything you can imagine. Also other designers are always great influences. McQueen, Haus of Gaga, Grace Jones, Olima, Robyn, just to name a few. I’m inspired just looking at fashion around me at events, and in the streets. I also think traveling has opened my mind to different fashions. LOVE Japan street styles!

 GS: Could you describe any positive or negative public reactions to your appearance that stand out?

DA: The one that stands out the most is when a young kid, around 5 or 6 years old, was standing next to me and turned to his mom and asked, “Why is he so pretty? Can I be pretty like him?” I could see on her face that until that moment she had never considered, “What if my son were gay?” I think in some way I changed a small part of both of them. And recently, I went to Ralph’s and ended up having a crowd of people taking pictures and posing with me. I think most people need the artistic release from their boring daily routines. There are negative reactions, too, but I brush them off as coming from stupidity, ignorance, and fear of the unknown.

GS: How do you feel about Lady Gaga?

DA: I personally, professionally, and artistically admire her. I love that she has brought a lil ray of light to all “monsters”. I look forward to more from her and her team! Although recently it does bother me no matter what I wear, the mainstream automatically links it to Lady Gaga, as if no other person has created anything. Nonetheless, it is still a compliment.

GS: Finally, how does it feel to be objectified?

DA: HMMMM. Well I have always stood out my whole life. So I guess I am used to it. I am made for it.

BIO: Dustin Anderson is a crazy artist, photographer, cook, fashion designer, and make-up stylist. His Montana redneck/Native American upbringing taught him traditional woodsman and tribal talents and an appreciation for what he has. As soon as he arrived in LA, he was instantly drawn to the fashion district’s never-ending supply of creative materials and knew it was his home. For more of Dustin’s work, please see http://www.multiplecompounds.com.

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