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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If God is a DJ: He’ll Play the Revelations Sound-bite

By Yi-Jun Ian 

Inspired by biblical imagery and centered on religion, Yi-Jun Ian created this 20-piece wearable art collection for a Fash Mob event at The Butter Factory in Singapore. The collection heavily incorporates imagery from Gaga’s Born This Way album. With pieces including a red-veiled crown of insect-legged thorns and eyewear with blood-stained nails embedded in bleeding corks, Ian sought to establish the context of spiritual war that occurs amidst our everyday lives, whether out in the open or hiding in plain sight; to champion the idea of fighting for personal faith over blindly accepting religious dogma.

The Ark & the Covenant, rings
Cardinal Whore, headpiece
Cork+Screw, rings
Punktius Pirate, hat
Rouge Roulette, gloves
Sodom, eyewear
Gomorrah, eyewear
Vintage Bleach, vest
War Is Peace?, necklaces

Artist Bio:
Yi-Jun Ian is a 20-year-old obsessed with the concept of wearable art since the entrance of one Lady Gaga. He developed a strong interest in pop culture while studying visual art at a junior college in Singapore. For more of Ian’s work, visit http://cerebralchastity.carbonmade.com/ or follow him on Twitter, @morallygrayswan.

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