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Thursday, September 1, 2011


"I will never waste your damned time or your money."
-Lady Gaga

Gaga Stigmata is entering a time when, in the midst of juggling multiple jobs to pay the rent, writing our dissertations, making performance art and poems, falling in love, and living life, we will be writing and organizing the Gaga Stigmata book. We will be doing this for no pay, in addition to running the journal for no pay, all the while continuing to provide you with immediate, in-depth analyses of Gaga's latest videos and performances, such as our recent series on Gaga's "You&I" video, and her forthcoming VMA performance. Remember our exciting roundtable discussion about the meat dress last year?

Did I mention we are falling in love with Gaga all over again as we work on this book?

We've also been expanding the site, bringing exciting new writers and artists for our Haus of Stigmata team, and Samantha Cohen as our fantastic and tireless new Creative Editor. None of our writers are paid at this time, and Meghan and I have worked countless hours on the site for free since its inception. Our journal will be featured in Yale's The American Scholar Magazine this fall, and recently Meghan and I were interviewed for Spex, a German pop culture magazine. We offered you the full-text of the interview, translated, here on Gaga Stigmata. I worked on our co-written answers to the Spex interview from my English 100 classroom in Pasadena, while my students took an in-class exam, as that was literally the only time I had free that week to do it.

As we continue to work hard to be a part of the cultural evolution for art, criticism, and pop culture that both Gaga Stigmata and Gaga herself stand for, would you please consider donating to the site that moves at the speed of pop? It takes a lot of time and energy to move at this speed - we need your help to be able to continue the revolution.

Thank you,

Kate Durbin
Founding Editor, Gaga Stigmata

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