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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bled Threads: Drew Bird

GS: How long have you been designing clothes for yourself and others?

DB: I think it all started when I was 10. I used to dress up my girlfriends in 50s cocktail dresses. We would all go to the park and pretend we were fairies. Around that time I was the first one to order a hairpiece out of a magazine and wear it to school. Of course I tired of wearing hair when I started designing hats.

GS: Tell us about one of your favorite projects/shows that you've worked on.

DB: I think my favorite is the one I am working on right now – a fashion reality show with a conscious attitude, which re-establishes a sense of self-esteem in people who have been forgotten. Fashion is a self-expression. I think the magazines forget to promote this. We each take what we know of ourselves and express it or hide it somehow through what we wear. My other favorite project is getting my web store up and running.

GS: Describe your getting-dressed process.

DB: It starts with my mood I suppose, which is generally very positive. I do not face a moment without conscious thought of how I want to inspire the world. I would never step out of the house without preparing myself for the incredible encounters I face every day. Currently I live in Tepoztlan, a small town in Mexico where the people are influenced by the Mayan culture.  Many of the teens in the town ask me for advice on every subject from their personal self-expression to how I maintain my level of happiness.

GS: Who are your fashion heroes/influences?

DB: Love the couture of Alexander McQueen, the boldness of Cher, the playfulness of Victorian circus personas, and the idea of futuristic flight attendants.

GS: Do you have a fashion philosophy you can bestow upon us?

DB: Look in the mirror and make sure you like what you see. Be your own truth not someone else’s. If you are faking it other people will let you know.

GS: How do you think your fabulousness affects your experience of being/interacting in the world?

DB: Well.... it is rare when someone will say no to my face. At the airport they never ask me to take off my hat.  I think of my hats as hair and so they see them that way as well. Besides, I travel so much they know me by name.

GS: How does it feel to be objectified?

DB: I never think of it because I am too busy just being. If someone is staring I rarely notice, and if I do, I love to say hi, and find out what is on their mind.

Drew Bird’s first exposure to the theatre was through her grandmother who would pack her up and take her to see her parents perform in high school musicals. Later, Drew studied theatre at the University of Wisconsin, where she formed her first theatre group, performing at small theaters throughout Wisconsin.

In NYC, Drew started to film her own shorts, including Pillar Saints and The Janitor. She applied to The American Film institute, got in, and relocated to Los Angeles.  She now lives in Tepoztlan , Mexico. Her goal currently is to direct her first feature.  You can enter Drew’s Hatmosphere at http://www.drewbird.com/.

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