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"Since March 2010, [Gaga Stigmata] has churned out the most intense ongoing critical conversation on [Lady Gaga]."
-Yale's The American Scholar

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gaga Stigmata: Critical Writings and Art About Lady Gaga

“Lady Gaga is, quite literally, a spectacle of American pop music and fame culture. Since August 2008, which witnessed the release of her debut album The Fame, her presence has flooded both American and world culture-scapes. While her music has certainly garnered great chunks of pop culture’s fleeting and finicky attention, it is her persona that has secured the most lasting fascination and discussion. Lady Gaga is much more than the singer of catchy pop songs such as “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”: she is a performance artist that never sets aside her performance. And her project? – To deconstruct the very pop culture that creates and worships her, and to explore and make problematic the hackneyed image of the pop icon while flourishing in the clichéd role itself.” –Meghan Vicks, Only Words to Play With

Gaga Stigmata: Critical Writings and Art About Lady Gaga is a new technological breed of journal that intends to take seriously the brazenly unserious shock pop phenomenon and fame monster known as Lady Gaga.


Critical Work (any format; any length) and Art (Creative Writings, Visual Art, Music, etc.), or any combination thereof, that intelligently interacts with the pop cultural manifestation that is Lady Gaga.

We are also interested in critical writings on the web that already exist, so please call these to our attention if you come across them.

Those who follow Gaga know that she moves as the speed of pop, which is far faster than the speed of critique; therefore, we have chosen the blogger format for now to allow us to keep pace with Gaga. We encourage pieces that are immediate (for example, critical responses to her newest performances, interviews, and music videos), though we are also eager for your more thought-over works as well. If your work is accepted, expect it to be published quickly--likely within a day or two of acceptance. You should also expect to interact with others in the comment boxes of the blog; permitting the peanut-crunching crowd of monsters to further the conversation's evolution.

Our goal is to eventually create a book of the best works on this site, both in technological and physical form, possibly in collaboration with the Haus of Gaga.

Send all submissions to gagajournal@gmail.com

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  1. I´ve gone totally insane, double-crossing the sin line as a married priest, so head over heels with my platonically vulgar altar Lady Gaga. I´ve written a quality pile of smashing song material for her. I think she doesn´t even know my name. No matter what-the-fuck-so-ever, I need to hook up with Lady Gaga or her manager !!! Now is too late, just kidding, never too late ??? Young Lady, you have to read this supersonic new concept album entitled Voodoo, including smashing hits like Voodoo, Magma, Prey, Brutally Yours, The Beauty and The Beast, Stardom of Snowwhite, Pussy, Brandy of the Damned, Skirt, Semi-Automatic Lava, etc. The stunning video scripts I´ve mastered with a slavery mentality, every detail, fantasies reamed to extremes and perfection, lending her a brand new Voodoo scent to become an icon, will leave her fans breathless and speechless. I just love her, however ridiculous I may sound, scrambling on the floor, fumbling towards ecstasy, looking for some fresh metaphors. (She said she loved metaphors!?)


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