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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Status Re-sort

by Jeff T. Johnson

 is      violating      the       human 
 condition      is like unlike       is 
never    caught    in   sweatpants
 is          hyperbolized         sexual
 costumes                  is monstrous
 infarction         is  and  or  neither
is hyperboolean ra(n)ge           is
integrated     accoutrements    of 
royalty                  is  the  sacred 
spectacle               is  the  catchy 
surface     is  a  halo  of  hair    is 
the  monster  of  praise            is 
cartoonized  space                   is 
parabolic grace        is grotesque 
prose           is the coughing void 
is out of the oracular         is  the 
body  without  body        is  after 
attribution        is  distraction  as 
attention               is   sequential 
impairment        is  the  ghost  of 
reason                      is    sublime 
ambivalence       is performative 
slumber                  is    dynamic 
boredom      is normalizing grief 
 is                              plasticizing 
contextualization          is formal 
where      is captive audio        is
blandishment in armor             is 
pungent    revision                   is 
captivated   irony              is  the 
 inversion  of  sensory  discourse 
is   the   discourse   of     sensory 
inversion                 is   reversion 
reserved   to   function             is 
grammar  control  tactic           is 
 conscious  image  conscience   is 
formerly  known                 is the 
original copy     is the copy       is 
the  copy           is  the  monster’s 
costume             is  the  formula’s 
formulation                     is      the 
formulation        is association by 
commerce         is the sighs of the 
masses         is the virtual missive 
&       gagagagagagagagagagagaga

*This poem borrows language and ideas from Meghan Vicks's critical essay "The Icon and the Monster: Lady Gaga is a Trickster of American Pop Culture," published in Gaga Stigmata.

Author Bio:
Jeff T. Johnson's poetry is forthcoming in Slope, and has appeared in VOLT, Caketrain, Cannibal and Calaveras. He attends the graduate program in creative writing at The New School.

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