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Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Lady of the Gaga, Gives Us Our Excesses

by Tamiko Beyer

sometimes, waking
to the blank eyes
of the penthouse
windows I miss
you, Lady Starlight

everyone starts small
before they go big
you knew that darling –

starlight’s a faint glow
when the city pulses below

::            ::

my superfans
you little monsters:
who wants to fuck a boy
who wants to fuck a girl
now you see
me now I don’t

::            ::

this door the excess
I adore – once
I couldn’t pay
my LES rent
but I looked
fucking gorgeous –
Versace, Dior,
the real thing
and now what? now
what? bubbles! feathers!
metal collars!
appliqué, sequins, appliqué!

let your tongue
taste every
part of me,
this purple satin art-
deco body suit
red lace crown
latex mini hoop
is for you, look
lovelies – lick it,
the waning the waxing
cover your eyes
all you pretty boys and girls
I am the pretty boy
the pretty pretty girl
the hot top
hot comet top

take my body take my body take my eyes

::            ::

Christina said: I didn’t know if it
was a man or a woman

all that picture proves
is I know how to pack
and the whole world’s
invested in the binary
of shudder fuck shudder

::            ::

the awkward diva’s
born knowing the trick
is finding pleasure

when I explode
all the mirrors flash

::            ::

come write me into relevance
come adore me into stardom
lick and lick and lick
little monsters – you want it –
my cunt-fist-fame
darling god and darling gays

all the world shudders

my body my body my body my fist

my fame a fist my dick a fist

::            ::

dear star,
you cannot pin
the curled script
across my forearm
because I have been
more lonely than you
will ever know – cover
your eyes

::            ::

bring me my heels
my orbiting rings
my center all my
little monsters
drool into my platinum
wig: get to know what wet
feels like: this, your fist-
filled moment: Get out
there’s no other superstar

                         Behind starlight
                         this is the burn, the bend
                         the sunblind

Author Bio:  
Tamiko Beyer’s poetry has appeared in The Sonora Review, Copper Nickel, diode, and elsewhere. She is a recipient of a grant from the Astraea Foundations’ Emerging Lesbian Writers Fund, and a Kundiman Asian American Poetry Fellow. She serves as the poetry editor at Drunken Boat, and is pursuing an M.F.A at Washington University in St. Louis.  


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