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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gaga Stigmata Seeks Assistant Editor for Creative Works

Gaga Stigmata: Critical Writings and Art About Lady Gaga seeks an assistant editor to read creative submissions for the online journal, respond to creative queries, solicit creative work, share creative-development ideas, and to potentially make creative works for the site. The assistant editor will also be in charge of developing Bled Threads, our Gaga fan couture section. Ideally, new works would be posted on a weekly basis.

If interested, please submit a CV or resume and a paragraph detailing your ideas for the kind of artworks (poetry, fiction, video, image-based works, mixed media, creative-critical works, etc.) you’d like to see in the journal. Please name some artists and creative writers who you believe would be a good fit for the journal, and why you think so.

Also, please tell us why you want to work with Gaga Stigmata.

Unlike other journals, Gaga Stigmata does not simply read submissions—we solicit work, and create our own work in response to Gaga, oftentimes in collaboration with one another. We champion risk taking, boundary-blurring between the creative and the critical, and radical ideas that evolve alongside Gaga’s ouevre. We cannot say for sure what the next six months will hold, as we are not sure how Gaga will evolve—but we seek a fellow ambitious, hard-working, and forward-thinking person to evolve with us and with Gaga. Your ideas will be valuable to us, and the democratic/synergistic nature of the journal allows space for you to experiment in ways that other journals won't.

All creative works posted on Gaga Stigmata will pend final approval from founding editor Kate Durbin, with whom you will work closely on a regular basis.

This is a six month position, to be potentially renewed at the end of six months.*

Submit your information to: gagajournal@gmail.com, and please spread the word!

*The position is not currently a paid position, though it could develop into that down the road.


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