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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Help Soto Go Gaga: Paws up, everyone, and let’s make a GAGA MUSICAL!

Hello Gaga Journal!

My name is Soto. I’m a devoted little monster and a film student seeking the support and help of the Gaga community. For my final thesis I’ve decided to make a musical based on my artistic interpretation of Gaga’s hit song “Bad Romance.” But the Film School won’t let me do it unless I get Gaga’s approval to use the song.

Undaunted by this task, I decided to create an online movement titled “Help Soto go Gaga.” The campaign consists of a YouTube video where I explain my dilemma, showcase my film idea, and ask for the support of fellow monsters and Gaga herself. I’ve also created a petition and website where we’ll be adding content such as concept art for the project.

I reach out to you guys because I’d like for you to help me spread the word by any means; link the video on your site, tweet about it, it’s very simple!

I hope I can count on my fellow monsters! 

Paws Up,

Official Website: www.sotobadromance.com

July 20th is “The Day we Reach Gaga”! A massive online collaborative effort taking place on Twitter and Facebook, where all our supporters and friends will tweet/wallpost Gaga and her close friends a key message: Gaga go Soto!

It’s the grand finale to make my Gaga musical. We’re now one step closer to make it a reality as the campaign has gotten the attention from the Mexican division of Universal Music.

Over 20 newspapers have published articles on the event and over 300 little monsters from all over the world have joined the Facebook event page as well as our twitter account (@sotobadromance).

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