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Monday, July 18, 2011

GAGAGRAPHY: “Born This Way” & Jemima Wyman

Definition: Gagagraphy is the branch of Gaga studies that seeks to identify, describe, and interpret the content of images depicting Lady Gaga. A Gagagraphy studies all the various components of an image of Gaga, mining for meaning the image’s positioning of its figure, her gesture, her costume, her props (animate and inanimate), her facial expression, her makeup, etc. A Gagagraphy also studies potential visual precursors to images of Gaga, seeking to understand from where Gaga’s iconography draws its inspiration, its influences, its visual quotations. Gagagraphy often necessitates comparative analysis, drawing meaning from the exercise of comparing and contrasting Gaga’s images with her visual influences.

Please leave your analyses of the following images in the comments.

Image 1
Jemima Wyman: A Special Variety of Soft-Skinned Dangerous Game
Originally published on Gaga Stigmata on October 31, 2010.

From the “Artist’s Statement” (also first published October 31, 2010):
The “Gagaesque” protagonist looks out from a body that desires the viewer’s gaze, from a complicated ever changing, non-classical body that is in the process of understanding its own parameters. The two-in-one body that is represented mimics one of the fundamental tendencies of grotesque imagery, that is it exceeds its own limits. She goes further than her own meatiness; she gives birth to herself over and over again!  

Image 2
Lady Gaga: “Born This Way” video
First released February 27, 2011

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