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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introducing: Our New Creative Editor!

Gaga Stigmata is delighted to announce our new Creative Editor, Samatha Cohen! Below, a message from Sam to our readers.

Kate & Meghan

Hi Everyone!

I am beyond thrilled to be joining Gaga Stigmata as Creative Editor!  I’ll be curating the site’s creative works, including fiction, poetry, visual, video, mixed media, & performance art, as well as Bled Threads.

I had amazing talks with Kate and Meghan and we’d like to see Gaga Stigmata’s creative section expand to include not only art that considers Gaga-ness directly, but also art that is conceptually or aesthetically linked to Gaga’s project in any way.  My pet Gaga-related interests include identity performance, post-humanism and cyborgs, sex, queerness, myth, genesis, trickster, monstrosity, artifice, subjectivity, social justice work, fashion, and flux.  Please send me work that deals with any of these, or any other obsession you & Gaga share.

Look out for new calls for submissions coming soon, and changes to the creative portion of the site.  I can’t wait to see your work!


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